Welcome to Damia!
May 15, 2021, 9:03 p.m.



Welcome one, welcome all, to the world of Halos! Well, the world as it is right now. For specific purposes relating to my WIP book, I don't want to release the whole map.


A Flavor of Ancient Greece

A particularly keen-eyed person might see by the names of the cities that this is, indeed, a Greek-inspired setting. I'm tired of the same medieval milieu in every fantasy story.

The aesthetic of the clothing, the architecture, the nomenclature, and even the afterlife is all inspired by ancient Greece.

One big difference is the pantheon. The Gods agreed, long ago, that they should not interfere in mortal affairs. They're bound by their word. That doesn't necessarily stop them, but they make sure not to get caught! 

Another difference is the level of technology. Technology is on the rise and is beginning to look like Solarpunk. In fact, in larger cities, solar panels and certain rocks that capture heat can be found powering devices. One-shot solar pistols are also emerging, but they're rare.


Magic Bones

The magic system is something I'm particularly happy with! It's somewhat archaic, but it is a great contrast with the evolving technology. For magic, you need blood (any blood will do!), a glyph (or symbol), and a special kind of bone. No, not that kind of bone. A bone from a monstrosity. Rare, powerful monsters, called Erdos, roam the land, but no more than four have been spotted at a time. Erdos bones are where the magic comes from, and, in fact, are the only known source of magic.


Glyphs act like a language, letting the magic know what to do. The blood is like a conductor, transmitting the magic from the bone to the glyph. The bone shrinks as magic is taken from it. Simply draw a glyph, put some blood on it or the bone, and touch the bone to the glyph. Poof! 

Monsters and Maps

The map is of the continent, called Damia, and the world is called Halos. The ocean surrounding the content is perpetually rough. The high waves prevent any ships from being able to sail. No one knows for sure if there is a land beyond Damia, but there is no reason to think there is.

The Erdos, which will be a focus of my WIP novel and several stories, are a subject of mystery for the people of Damia. Where do they come from? Why are their bones special? Many people believe they spawn from the mountains to the north, but others believe they come from the raging sea.

A lot of my short stories will take place in this world, and so will my second novel. If you want a deeper dive into this amazing world keep an eye out for "The Humble Wares" series, which will be longer running series of shorts following a young woman named Katya. I'm excited to share more details and explore the continent of Damia with you!

- Dandelion